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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Should I do If…

I arrive early? Students must remain outside in designated areas until the bell rings. Use the restrooms by the Village.

I am late? Report to a Proctor or Administrator to get a pass. There are no excused tardies.

I have a personal problem? Talk with your teacher, the counselor or an administrator.

I have trouble in class? Talk with your teachers or the counselor. Participate in after school homework club.

I need to leave the classroom? Always ask your teacher to sign the hall pass form in your agenda planner.

I need to go to the nurse? Go to your assigned class first unless it’s an emergency. Get your teacher to sign your agenda planner.

I lose something? Check the lost and found area in the cafeteria or office.

I find something that doesn’t belong to me? Turn it in to a teacher or the main office. Do not keep items that do not belong to you.

I see someone doing something wrong? Leave the area immediately and go tell an adult.