Asking for Extra Help
Teachers are available for helping students before school and after school. The students should make an appointment with a teacher to get extra help whenever he or she cannot master the material during the regular class sessions. Arrangements to meet the teacher must be made in advance because teachers often have meetings or other responsibilities outside of regular class hours. Homework help is available Mon. – Thurs. until 4:00 p.m. at Eagles’ Nest Homework Club.

Completing Homework Promptly
Students will receive homework from each teacher at least three days a week. The teacher will decide which days homework will be given and will plan assignments that meet the needs of the students.

Getting to Class on Time
The student is expected to report to class on time. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Between classes, students have four minutes or passing time, which is enough time to reach any part of the campus. Any student who reports to class late will receive a detention. If the problem continues, a parent will be notified. The student will be subject to additional interventions, if there is no improvement, including Saturday detention and exclusions from extra-curricular activities.

Coming to Class Prepared
Middle school students are expected to report to class with all materials needed to participate fully in class activities. Each student is required to have their agenda planner and three ring binder with subject dividers for class assignments. The agenda planner and three ring binder must be carried with the student to each class. In addition, students should bring to class at least two pencils, pen, and adequate supply of notebook paper, all appropriate textbooks and assignment. Replacements for lost agenda planners may be purchased in Room 110.

Bringing Personal Items to School
Office staff is limited in number and therefore unable to deliver messages and/or forgotten items to students. To assist in developing the responsibility needed for success at middle school we suggest that parents help their child become organized so as to avoid situations which require telephone use and/or delivery of items. Students should conduct themselves in a business like manner when they have business in the office. Students will not be called out of class. Messages will be delivered to class and students’ names will be posted on the message board at lunch time for the students to claim lunches, messages or forgotten items brought by family members such as lunch money.

Progress Reports
Progress reports provide an awareness of the grades, the reasons for them, and gives students time to improve if necessary before the final grades at the end of the semester. Parents may request a conference with teachers to initiate additional methods of communication between school and home.

Report Cards
Grade reports are mailed home at the end of each quarter (every ten weeks). In addition, progress reports are mailed/sent home with students out every 5 weeks. Parents should contact the school if they do not receive one of the reports. If a student’s grades are unsatisfactory (any D or F) a parent conference should be made by the calling the office.

Good Citizenship
Students who are good citizens are appreciated at Emerson. Some of the incentives utilized to recognize students who demonstrate the qualities of personally and socially responsible citizens include:

  • Lunch Line Privileges
  • Student of the Week
  • Special Assemblies
  • Student of the Month
  • Positive Referral
  • Positive Postcards
  • Awards Programs
  • Emerson Bucks
  • “Caught You Being Good”

Individual teachers also have special ways to recognize students who are outstanding in their classes. All of these programs are our way of saying “Thanks!” to our good citizens.